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Unban - freya_nw - 08-01-2022

Your in-game name (your name at the time of the ban/mute): Freya
Your GUID (optional): 2321702
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY): 2-3 weeks ago
Reason for your ban: insulting someone
Write your apology:
Heyo dear Admins! I contacted with Satan and Bethrezen about my mute and Satan advised me to try unmute request. To be honest, I still don't understand what I'm guilty of. But I know that I'm not perfect. I can insult a person in return. Only when he provokes me. I never offend a person first. I never insult nation, religion, family. But since I got a mute, then I broke something. I will not argue with the administration. If it's my fault, I apologize. I promise not to be provocative anymore and not to violate the rules of the server. Once again, I apologize to those whose feelings I hurt. Playing with a mute is very hard and you lose interest in the game. Please give me one more chance. Thanks for understanding

RE: Unban - Mahtipallo - 08-02-2022

Quote:... I can insult a person in return. Only when he provokes me. I never offend a person first. ...


RE: Unban - Fugazy - 08-02-2022

Sounds like you conflict with yourself.  If you promise not to be provocative anymore, that makes you more than just reciprocate to someone who provoked you. I guess.

But as someone who plays with her pretty much every day, come on, we've seen worse. I'm not defending her or whatever she's done. But if she's sorry about it and apologies, this is a good thing. Isn't it?

RE: Unban - rpschaefer - 08-02-2022

As someone who also frequently plays on the opposing side against Freya, I agree she can be a bit "provocative" at times, but mostly it is just the typical in game sh*t talking that everyone does to the other team. It sounds to me like she is sincerely sorry and would love to see the admins give her another chance.

+1 for unmute from me

RE: Unban - freya_nw - 08-02-2022

I will say it now
you are really toxicass Billy
why are you showing screenshots of my words and not showing your own words?

I still don't understand what I'm guilty of!. But I guess that it was you who, on friendship with Satan, whispered to him at me. I hope that a fair administrator will check all your messages addressed to me

and again u a toxicass just check Billy's chats and u will see it

RE: Unban - Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I - 08-03-2022

Freya is a troll, hopefully he won't get unmuted. He also insulted me randomly, you can check logs if you have the possibility. Happened few weeks ago, He was spawnkilling i killed him and he replied tryhard and then when i replied back called me madpussy and other insults, he whine about everyone killing him, he's the one who always start to offend first and is very toxic, he's just acting like the victim when he's clearly not.
And why are people saying she? Freya isn't a girl lmao

And lastly, anyone can understand he's faking and lying just to be unmuted. He even insulted billy more in this same thread. 
Offending billy too, billy is the most friendly person on the server, literally only plays doctor and heal everyone and never act toxic, and this freya offend everyone on sight and then he really think he did nothing wrong and get surprised he got muted LMAO

RE: Unban - Krembit - 08-03-2022

free up freybita

RE: Unban - freya_nw - 08-03-2022

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I -_____________-
look at yourself, you support Nazi and you are really mad, I killed you 2 times at spawn and here is your reaction

RE: Unban - Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I - 08-03-2022

I mean, so? differently from you I wrote all that in private dm's not on public chat on the server or forums, so noone can do shit Wink
Just have to repost my messages huh for saving your ass? As I said, you started to offend me first, right after i killed you, so no wonder you can get replied like this Big Grin

Do you really think anyone who get arguments or argue outside the server or it's communities can get banned or muted lmao? I behave in a decent way in the server, differently from you, and admins don't have time to listen to offtopic, pointless chats of me roasting you in discord or website private messages, kek

If youre aware of this it's even worse, lol, since you have nothing else to do than blaming someone else in a childish way which doesnt even regard the server in any way

Cya freya Wink

RE: Unban - Gretel - 08-04-2022

Whilst I don't speak for this specific request nor will look into this scenario right now as I am "retired", I know the truth and will just say one thing that I find terribly ironic in all of this "To be honest, I still don't understand what I'm guilty of." You and I both know this isn't the first time "freya", history is doomed to repeat itself, but you can improve yourself from seeing these repeated problems persisting over the years.

Consider yourself lucky that, whilst I know the entire truth, you are still free and able to play on our server. I will allow a current, active, senior admin to close this request, but I will say I'm disappointed to see this again.