Claire[Approved] Claireified Doctor - The_Cruel_Claire_Sister
Reward: Certified Doctor
Your in-game name: The_Cruel_Claire_Sister
Reasons: I love to heal, no way to far, no danger big enough (as long as I dont die x3) I go into the fray and smack anyone with bandages till they look like mummies, I even heal trolls, haters (of doctors cuz its bigger then tryhard and casual I just make sure everyone get some heals) and even the enemy cuz everyone diserve some patching up.
Been medic for longerĀ and I guess a few might recognize me though just to be sure I collected some evidence aswell.

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I've seen Claire performing very important medical procedures out on the field with no regard for her own life just to save other wounded soldiers, allies and enemies alike. +1
Hi Claire,

I did take a look at your screens and asked a bit around and you seem to be a good medic. You get the reward and the skin. If you want it also on the Discord, write me your name.

Keep up doing the good deed.

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