Your in-game name (and other pseudos): 1stOJD_JackHG
GUID: jackhguk
Country: UK
Spoken language(s): English
Current age: 24
Admin experience: not since i was 14 on minecraft
Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher):  
Why do you want to become an admin? ive played this server for years, longer than i can remember and im tired of people getting away with the toxicity they do when the server is sub 40 players, i do not feel theres an admin presence in the quiet hours (3-6pmGMT) and in my opinion people are exploiting that vulnerability.
his GUID is 500788
Ty krem. x
Hi JackHG,

Your application is noted and under review.
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
We will observe your activity and behaviour for the next ~2 weeks.
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
noted, thanks.
JackHG has started his 2 weeks trial period today!
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
Please contact me asap
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]

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