Cherry_SwitchbladeWindmill making bots get stuck
Server name: EU Commander Battle
The map in question : Not sure of name but it has a big windmill on one edge. see video for more
The issue with map: Bots get near windmill and get stuck quite bad
Additional comments (you may also add images to visualize): I had been reading a few complaints about the "windmill map" on Discord but I didn't really know how bad it was. My video will show my whole unit of bots getting pulled towards the windmill like a giant magnet. I try multiple times to use Follow Me command and other commands to get them away. The sometimes move away only to go back. I used the Charge command and they temporarily moved away and then went back to windmill again.

Thank you for the feedback about the map. We will look into the map and try to fix the problems if possible. The map will be removed in the meantime until problems are solved. If other problems are there with maps or something else is needed to be looked into we will be glad to hear that, so we can do something about it. Thanks again and have fun playing the server.

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