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MONGOLIA-FRANCE-59Rule complaints
This isn't a rule complaint for a start. 

Quote:each admin for ban should take a screenshot as proof.
no. Each ban is recorded thourghly enough, a single screenshot can be skewed to the favour of the person banning - nor does a screenshot convey the entire situation correctly. I am happy enough with the log proof provided in our ban reports, as this is more than enough to indicate what proof happened and can not be skewed like an image. Also, we have backups in the future to confirm the ban report.

Quote:specially french admins are so susceptive just like in IRL
Needless to say, this is just stupid to imply an entire country, with no context or proof from yourself, is more suspsceptible to abuse than any other nation. 

Quote: 2nd I was not ban by a french admin so how can he understand french in 3 seconds 
Did you know you can learn other languages, and not only that, it is taught at school at a very young age in the UK (French, that is)? Shocking, I know.

Quote: 3rd When I'm foot-kicked by trolls or arty stealers where were admins ? I call them they don't anwser and When I kick them in return sometimes I'm fucking slayed
Report these in-game. Admins are players too, they can't see or know every situation in-game without seeing it themselves. On your last point there, it is not your responsibility to take admining matters into your own hands.

Anyway, this complaint is a rather waste of anyones times so im going to lock the thread. Take your ban and await the unban.

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