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toorx0Admin Complaint - Shootballs
Around 22:10 June 20 He did nothing when his heavy cav teammate(nicknamed Agust or something like that) played as lone cav for minutes and got nearly 20 kills that way, right after this part of the case, he slain me unfairly, claiming i had been ramboing as lone cav.

He could have simply understood his mistake just by pressing L key(a lot of rambo kills from his teammate were still there too) because I haven't even killed anyone in the time between my last normal death and Shootball's slay. In a short time i've died a lot of times and at last spawned as mounted around him. When he sent the command i was already gone away from him, right in front of my friendly lines in seconds thanks to being a hussar.

The reason I'm opening this thread is his behavior afterwards. But he kept ignoring to see his rule breaker teammates, nevertheless his messages and warnings to me were quite offensive. He unnecessarily typed that I don't have a right to warn anyone nor point the rules. I also hope he doesn't seriously think i have to bring video evidences to prove i hadn't been ramboing.

All happened in the 2nd round of the match. The server logs will be pretty clear materials to end this case fairly for sure.
Hello TT,

Thanks for your post. I looked into the logs and it seems you were right. I apologize for the admin mistake from the entire team. I will inform all admins to be more careful next time and to double-check everyone before the slaying.

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