Kaden[Approved] Jaden's Admin App
Your in-game name (and other pseudos): Jaden, Kaden
GUID: 2082868
Country: Kuwait
Spoken language(s): Arabic, English, And some polish
Current age: 18
Admin experience: I can't list them all since it will be a long one 
but the most important ones are EUC, NRP, and NARC.
Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher): I don't normally ask for vouches since i feel this will pressure the person i'm asking into vouching even if he thinks I'm incompetent however those guys can confirm my experience:

 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198189807354 (Jurek, Nrp)
 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007444435 (Mask, EUC)
 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311736547 (Patol, NARC)

Why do you want to become an admin?

I like Helping any community in any way i could (Admining, Scene making, etc) to prolong this game life as much as possible and make sure people have a lot of fun in it!
I should probably write more in this section but my social skills are failing me right now and I don't want to lie, I hope you understand that!

I have also included my Qualifications in a .png Image.

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Hi Jaden,

Your application is noted and under review
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
We will observe your activity and behaviour for the next ~2 weeks.
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
Jaden has started his 2 weeks trial period today
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
Sorry for the longer wait, you're now an admin. Congratz!
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]

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