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Your in-game name (and other pseudos): Zebellah
GUID: 2300598
Steam URL:
Country and region: Turkey, Güney Doğu
Spoken language(s): Turkıish, english.
Current age: 19
Admin experience: no
Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher):
Why do you want to become admin?: I've played this server for years and I just love the community. It sickens me to see so much trolling, and seeing the admins struggle in handling the situation - So, I wish to provide my sword and shield and join your shield wall, to stop the advances of trolling within this community. As you can see, I have a lot of experience in admining, so I think i'll fit into your team well.

Thanks for reading,

I am very active, please try to contact me.

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