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User LordCommander played today On EU Commander Server 7/31/2022 complaint against TheRealnutcase Admin the incident occurred roughly at 1:20 MST check logs specifically for dialogue. I played today with various admins without problems. We even had an admin load up a siege map which was awesome. Everyone was very cordial and appreciative with the admins including myself up until the incident of ignoring admin duties. The real nutcase admin showed up and simply ignored me over and over again. After seeing him heal my troops 1st round of the game I mistook it for him griefing and just hitting my troops. Although it was a misunderstanding I apologized and said it was my mistake thinking he was griefing, however from there the admin chose to hold a grudge. I have no idea why; it sounds stupid just writing it, but he can't say he was afk either. Someone isn't afk while he's playing and moving his troops, but more specifically the commander. I played riffles 1st round keep in mind I was the first guy to select the riffle unit then comes 2nd round and I cannot spawn as riffles even though I had them first. So, I choose another unit no problem but cannot spawn so I proceed to ask admin as usual when such a situation arises however, he ignored me over and over and over again. This is ridiculous how an admin can blatantly be so asinine towards the people he's supposed to be monitoring. I would like to preface I love this server and the people I meet and get to experience this server with, and I appreciate the admins that take the time out of their day to make the server a better experience for us. As minute as this complaint may seem I just want this to be addressed and not swept under the rug, thank you.
Hello LordCommander. I guess you are forgetting that a player who is ingame can not see a dead mans or spectator chat. Even when it is a admin. A admin who isnt playing might have seen it, but since I was in a team playing, your chat doesnt show up. I regret you had the feeling you where ignored, but I can promise you I did not. I was very bussy testing the new stuff out that is introduced to the server. Hope we are in good terms for future and see you on the battlefield.
Thank you for the timely and courteous response, however I question why the party I'm complaining against is addressing the complaint directly. My intention was never to be on "bad terms" I simply wanted to have the issue presented. As I'm not an admin I don't know definitely what you can and cannot see I can only take your word for it. Nor by saying the contrary of what you stated above, it is not my intention to discredit or disprove what you stated. I'm only saying that I've personally seen many different admins whether playing in game or spectating were able to see the "everyone's chat" and spawn/reset people who cannot spawn and were asking for help. The most common answer I see from admins is "choose line infantry". With that being said hence my earlier confusion of being ignored and feeling perhaps personal. The only resolution I wanted out of this was for someone who wasn't the accused to take note and make sure admins are in fact doing their jobs and not making things personal. I enjoy this server and the servers whose admins genuinely care about the players experience and helps build a community out of it. I've played off and on this server for years and I appreciate all the hard work admins continue to put into making that experience happen.
Hello Lord Commander,

you are right with what you asked for. The admin in question is sometimes asked to communicate his point of view in such complaints.
We have read your complaint aswell and needed a bit of time to see what really happened.
But first to say: Realnutcase is absolutely right. Admins which are playing ingame arent able to see dead- chat at server.
So an admin has no chance to answer questions that are posted in dead chat if he is spawned ingame.

Your complaint was written fair and at the right place. And its important that things can be investigated and we can see if all works fine at server.

All guys here a nice time at server and thanks for fine communication.



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