PulkownikAndrzejKmicic[Pending] ADMIN APPLICATION PulkownikAndrzejKmicic - 2253903
Your in-game name (and other pseudos): PulkownikAndrzejKmicic

GUID: 2253903

Country: Poland

Spoken language(s): Polish and English

Current age: 20

Admin experience: as noted in my previous application:
1. ZHG Siege in Warband Native in 2011-2012. 

2. A small minecraft server in 2012.
3. A GTA San Andreas multiplayer server 2013-2015.
4. Sweet_Ru_Siege (or something like that) in Warband in 2014
5. WFaS siege serve from November 2016 to April/May 2017.

Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher): Unfortunately not

Why do you want to become an admin? I have experience in moderating servers and managing server population, running events, etc. I always enjoyed doing it and always had a lot of fun. I have recently returned to Minisiege after a break and can commit to the role. And just as before, I sometimes see trolls wasting bp or teamhitting that are not taken care of because no admins are online, on there are not enough of them. Even tonight (Sunday evening) there was no admins online while the server was at nearly 100 ppl. This tells me that you could definitely use another admin such as myself and that I wouldn't be bored  Big Grin

Sorry for the wait, I've been away for a couple of weeks, busy with personal stuff.

We will observe your activity and behaviour for the following next 1-2 weeks.

If you're still interested in for the role, the admin trial will begin afterwards.
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
P.S.: I used to play quite a lot on ZHG Siege, before starting to play NWP. Pretty nice server, as far as I remember.
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]

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