Bernard Montgomery[Rejected] Admin Application
Your in-game name (and other pseudos): Jew_Noseberg_Moneystein
Steam URL:
Country and region: England, North-East near Durham.
Spoken language(s): Hebrew, English
Current age: 28
Admin experience: 29th ID ArmA Reforger - Xbox: Close to release I was the rank of Private and moved up to 1st Sergeant & the second highest admin (behind Ghost) of the only populated & modded server. We were the game's life support before Powerbits (PBS) started hosting his 100 player conflict server. I actually hosted my own server for aviation training and ops which if you played Reforger on Xbox you'd have met me lol. The 29th ID leader for Reforger quit & the regiment disbanded due to launch issues of the game and constant crashes. Administering was creating operations, restarting the server, cleaning up destroyed vehicles to reduce server lag and finding exploits in the game which would crash the server & finding ways to nullify those exploits. For example I discovered if you threw enough smoke grenades (like 6) in the spawn, the server lag from the light & reflections hitting the smoke would cause a hard server crash. We decided to remove them from the starting loadout and ammo boxes until the issue was patched. I monitored the aviation training a lot and spawned helicopters for the noobs learning to fly and kicked griefers/TKers (there are no hacks on xbox). I used to play with the 29th ID on Red Orchestra's 'Darkest Hour' mod but held no senior rank or subordinates.

Molten WoW (now Warmane) - I was a GM for a few years in my youth on the largest World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King private server but maintained no personal relationships with other GMs except my senior, the server via Molten forums & the GM Teamspeak channel. The server basically got hacked & cloned due to corruption and everyone's characters got deleted, accompanied by a purge of all existing support staff due to court intrigues and lack of trust. The server is now called 'Warmane'. I literally just chilled out smoking some weed and answering tickets for 6 hours a day after college to chill out. Oh, tickets are what players make when there's an issue like they're missing an item or a quest didn't trigger properly or they're half in the ground and unstuck doesn't work or something. Here is what happened, dubbed the Moltdown:
Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher): Impossible, both are purged and defunct except Warmane, but I didn't want to apply to be a GM again because I have lost trust in the server owner.

Why do you want to become admin?: I've played the server religiously for so many years, sometimes I'm the first person online and seed the server. If I'm not available to play I'll just sit in Spectator mode so more people join while I do my housework and make food etc. I am familiar with all of the regulars but have maintained no close relationships with them because I would like to be an admin, and it may cause a conflict of interest if I had strong friendships in the server. 90% of the time I play there is no admin online. Like right now for example: there are 20 players and no admin. From my experience a lot of people leave if there is a rambo cav or someone delaying the rounds, or when 75% of the server needs to download the map and they have to sit out a round, instead of there being someone to reset when the downloaders flood in & allow the server to spawn. The only admins I've personally encountered & played with are Mercutio and Dima, who are excellent players I've been glad to be teamed with. I seek no fortune, I seek no grandeur, I seek no status, I simply offer my help voluntarily since I play all day anyway.

Thanks for the read and have a nice day, I didn't intend for this to be so long. Whatever comes of this I'll see you in game either way Smile
Hello Bernard,

Your application is noted and under review! We'll get back to you once a decision has been made.

EUC Admin Team

First of all thank you for your interest in our EU Commander server.

Now up to the application, by having a look at some logs i have seen positive and negative situations that me and my colleagues put us to thinking.

A couple of points to mention is that you are a team player, a good moral of spirit amongst the team players, pointing out rulebreakers when breaking the rules and a healthy competitive game that you have shown at our server and that is really worth mentioning.

Now here are some points that made us thinking:

Sometimes you overreact certain situations that feels a bit of cringe.
A bit of a childish attitude that isn't presenting admin material.

And what you have stated in the logs as shown here:
11:50:10 - [Jew_Noseberg_Moneystein] I applied for admin lads but idk what I said in the past so if I don't get it forgive me, someone else apply for admin so we can have better games
12:14:02 - [Jew_Noseberg_Moneystein] HAHAHAHA omg guys I applied to be an admin but I forgot chat logs existed, I hope I wasnt too retarded

The reason why it took a bit longer to accept or deny your application is because of this, me and my colleagues talked trough this matter and we decided to deny your application...

Don't see it as a failure but something to grow up onto, feel free to ask any sort of questions if in need of help or direction but do know this, admin needs to be rolemodels for the community to help out those who ask for help, don't act out of emotions but control it, be neutral and above all else follow the rules no matter what situation comes up.

Hopefully you understand our decision.

EUC Admin Team
I came to withdraw my application as I have started working for a mod team attempting to do the same thing for Bannerlord, and I will no longer be taking part in the server & it's why I have not been online in the server of late, and was pleasantly surprised to see my application denied which takes the weight off my shoulders. Phew lol. We are making good progress & will be done in good time at this rate Big Grin

I understand your decision man, have a good one Smile I will pour my heart and soul into this for the foreseeable future. For you and for the chads of the server. Here's to next gen *raises glass*

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