Sir HGMButcher and Meat Grinder - MrMan
Reward: Butcher and Meat Grinder
Your in-game name: MrMan
Reason:  I rack up a lot of kills and usually always end up top 5 on the leaderboard. Most of my kills come from melee and my k/d is usually very good with a lot more kills than deaths as shown on the overall leaderboard. I shoot and charge and rarely reload.
Evidence: Even though I don't talk to much on the server but I think other players can vouch for me. 

More evidence

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+1 almost always in top2 when I see him on and from our fights he is definitely good enough for butcher imo
+1 for this guy. His weapon speaks volumes of his skill, even if he himself says nothing. Definitely deserving those skins, especially for his brutal attacking playstyle.
[Image: d438bda2ff979da5dec0bcefe56228418dd29864.gif]
+1 for Butcher. Felt obliged to write this after witnessing a series of good innings from this guy over the past few days, culminating tonight with an epic 45 kills and 5 deaths on Tortoise Fort with nothing but the old cold steel (and maybe a bit of lead).
Incapable Rifle Sergeant
+1 He is a very good player i think he is better than me on melee. He deserve this reward

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