19mil[Pending] EU Commander admin/mod application
Your in-game name (and other pseudos):

 current name: ally (any other name could've been my brother playing in a diff character called Orpios or Hibbov. Dont really remember any other) 

GUID: 2350049

Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199347451403/

Country and region: South America, Argentina

Spoken language(s): English/Spanish

Current age: 18

Admin experience: I am NCO/Officer that takes part in with administrative duties in a Garde Imperial for a different game as well as i've helped many friends with their discord communities moderation, (have to take make sure people didnt break discord/nor the server rules and keep track of the people, ensure the environment is enjoyable, give roles/assign people to certain tasks and help other staff behind the scenes helping/guiding what's better for the "community".

Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher):

Why do you want to become admin?:

I'm a very active contributor to the game, who is almost playing daily. Due to this I see a lot of players breaking the rules, in terms of toxicity, solo cavalry or offensive names. Alongside this I see the things that regularly happen within the chat and I wish to cut that down as much as I possibly can. Since I am active almost daily I can participate in enforcing the rules which were set by the server owners and administrative team.

Thanks for reading,

- Ally

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Hello ally,

Your application is noted and under review! We'll get back to you once a decision has been made.

EUC Admin Team

First of all thank you for signing up for EU Commander, we appreciate the interest in our community.

However there are a couple of things that needs to be adressed what i find concerning and will not show here due to your rank status, therefore i'll adress it in discretion.

Positive points are:
- being a team player
- focussing on rulebreakers when they clearly are breaking the rules
- being active

Now with the negative points, as i explained above you can always DM me on Discord for further details but what i can adress is try to not use any sort of insult or start a discussion if you don't like it or how the things are not going your way.
I advise you to read our rules shown here ---> https://nwpublic.eu/thread-49.html <--- and change the bits that needed to be changed behaviour wise, if that is out of the question then i can see you fit in our admin team and being a part of our community which we respect and aid for those who needs it the most.

Admins are rolemodels, they follow the rules, are discrete and disciplined, being neutral in any way and again, helps out the community when needed.

For now i want to extend your application for another month and if still interested, feel free to bump this post again.

Good luck and maybe see you soon!

EUC Admin Team
Yes that's fine, I'll re apply next month thank you for reading.

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