StarkyStarky's Caribbean Republic Application
Your in-game name (and other pseudos): Starky

GUID: 2096983

Steam URL:

Country and region: Italy, Tuscany, Florence

Spoken language(s): English, Italian
Current age: 17 years old

Admin experience: Only 1 month in a server called "BADGALS" that lasted only 1 month, now it doesn't exist anymore. It was made by player JOSETTE

Voucher to confirm your admin experience (include Steam URL of the voucher): JOSETTE's (BoeZaahBlu) steam profile page:

Why do you want to become admin?: I want to become an admin because I see that Caribbean Republic has a lot of potential. It is innovative: kill streak points and crazy maps. I see that sometimes there are players, but I never see admins; and honestly it has a poor community. I have fun being an admin, I don't like saying bad words, I would like to earn experience, I have a lot of friends in the Napoleonic Wars' deathmatch community, and I am online a lot of hours per day. So what I want to do is to bring this server to the first place!

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