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GretelBoard Rules

  1. Respect common sense and decency. All other rules proceed from this one.

  2. Be polite in all circumstances.

  3. Don't use bigoted language. Racist and homophobic comments, names or pictures, will be removed and may result in a ban.

  4. The official language of this board is English. All posts must be written in English or translated.

  5. Don't libel other people or regiments.

  6. Political discussions are allowed.

  7. Deliberate flaming is forbidden.

  8. Challenging the decision of a moderator in public is forbidden. In case of disagreement, send a PM to an administrator.

  9. NSFW Content is not to be posted - This includes nudity and gore.

  10. Do not post your own personal information or that of another users anywhere. 
    Failure to follow any of the rules listed above may lead to your banning or muting both here and on our servers.

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