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Brigade History      

1st Evil Brigade (former 2e EU Evil Company), is a brigade for the game Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. 
The brigade was originally created as the regiment 101st Evil Battalion by a group of skilled famous public players and friends who came together from a server called 33rd_NW_Siege, which for a long time was the most popular and well known siege server on Napoleonic Wars. Unfortunately the 33rd_NW_Siege died but instead 101st Evil Battalion was created to keep the regular players and friends together. 101st Evil Battalion later merged with the 2e and then later on resigned to create the 1st Evil Brigade on the 1st of July 2015.

Brigade Today   

The 1st Evil Brigade currently consist of three detachments: Artillery, Cavalry and Lights.
1st Evil Brigade is a casual regiment. We don't follow any primary schedules or timetables, we participate in linebattles from time to time during the week. The thing is, that we don't take stuff too seriously, we are reasonably competitive and we uphold a mature community. We only play and talk when people have the time and interest, no mandatory attendance or similar bullshit. Usually we either are on public servers playing together, doing Linebattles or something similar, like training for example.

  • No mandatory enforced events and timetables or spam to join events.

  • Fun voluntary events occasionally during the week.

  • No "Over the top discipline" or Teamspeak speech rules.

  • We aim to have fun, both on and off Napoleonic Wars. 

  • We aim to play good and to climb the scoreboards.

  • Enjoy the community.

TeamSpeak is optional, but we highly recommend it for the communication both during events and off events, to fully enjoy what the Brigade has to offer while we are playing either Napoleonic Wars or other games together. 

Practical Information

Official soldier troop: British Coldstream Guards 
Official officer troop: British Coldstream Guards (Officer) 
Regimental banner: Blue banner on third page, first row, in the middle. Picture
In-game tags: 1stEB_rank_yourname 
Rank structure: Link
1stEB is the best EB
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1stEB is the Only EB

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