MaskMemoriam To Black Knight
Hello everyone,

This is a thread where everyone can share some words for our passed away Head Admin of EU_Commander Black Knight.

Words can heal and endure this terrible loss because Black Knight (real name Bojan) was a fighter, a mentor for the entire community and above all else a true friend where you can have a laugh with or a conversasion between two gents with eachother. I learned alot from him on how to summarize sentences and even how to act and react on a community server because that was very different then on an event server. I remember when i stood in the back with my line that Bojan told me to move out! We cannot stay in the back but we need to move out and fight the enemy with our other teammates. From that point i knew he said something that its not just you are entering a server and just play, no, it mean't that you need to play as a teamplayer who wants to win and have an enjoyable time and to be a rolemodel for others who eventually can be the next regular or admin on the server for this wonderful game we all had the passion with. I still remember that he always laughed at my Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation GET TO THE SHOPPAA! Damn.... Its so terrible news that you have passed away Knight, i still cannot believe you are not here with us, i know its strange to share emotions for somebody on the internet but its just there and you cannot ignore it. A true friend that died because of that horrible virus and that is really..... a pain to endure. Bojan, may your soul rest in piece and i will never forget you for everything you have done for me, for the staff, for the server and for the community. EU_Commander shall always stand for Black Knight! Thank you for the time and i will miss you!

Thanks from me, and NWP as a whole, for your contribution to the community. Our final messages would be ones of contemplation of what you succeeded here on NWP, and one that sadly saw your departure from EUC head admin. However, as you departed, we exchanged words on what you've achieved and how this would be better for you in the end. I'm glad I could ease your burden at least slightly, with what you were experiencing in real life at the time. We didn't speak much, but on a strictly admining perspective we always exchanged ideas that were best for the community - and for your services here over the years, I'm glad it was you in charge for so long.

Rest in peace BK, you'll be missed.
It has hit me very hard to learn of Black Knights passing, he did so much for our community and I will always have very fond memories of playing with Knight. The golden years for me personally were when I was still quite young coming in as a game admin under knight when I was 16, we played many games together then and while the last few years have not afforded as much of a chance to play with Knight, I will always remember the early years with great fondness and the games we shared.

It is a great injustice that Knight has passed away so young, but I hope he has found peace.
I was never able to fully get to know Black Knight due to our time zone difference. But from what time we were able to play, & talk to each other I gained a great deal of respect for him. It is honestly hard to believe he is gone. He was always there & willing to help me if I needed it. I will miss him greatly. May he rest in peace.
I remember we talked about his disease few mounths ago and I thought the worst was behind him. Sad to learn this coronashit overtook him. I wasn't a close friend or something, but I can say he was a sort of teacher for the beginner I was, very patient, always present to explain when someone had a question, and I'm pretty sure he was this kind of person in real life. I have another memory to share though, and it's when he was laughing on discord because we were able to hear Thundgil speaking at his work while we were playing/testing maps.

I want to thank the person who made this all come true - EU-Comander and for my passion for this game..

I heard about his illness and found it very sad. I was all the more pleased to hear that he was well on the way to recovery. So I found it remarkable and I was happy that the person behind the name Black Knight is doing a little better.
We never met, but for me the connection to the name Black Knight is always connected with respect and thanks. The sad news of his death therefore affected me very much. My condolences to the bereaved and lovers as well as his friends.

Unfortunately, this name will live on through others so that his legacy and his person will not be forgotten. I will pause for a moment at every EU server game I play and will say thank you with a smile. 

May you rest in peace Bojan and live your legacy and memories of you forever.
I had very few opportunities to talk to Black knight but from what I gathered from our few conversations he was a strong, stubborn, creative, and respectful man. Many admins and long-term members of the community never got the chance to meet him due to his long struggle with cancer but I believe that we can all thank him for creating a server and community that continues to bring history buffs and tacticians from all over the world together.
To Black Knight,

I'm extremely saddened to hear about your passing and I am even more sad that our friendship came to an end when I left NW. I wish we could have talked more and kept in contact.

What a journey, Knight! You were here at the start. You built this community with me and Max and looking back at it - what a great time we had together. All the fun and joy seeing our servers and player base grow to what it is today.

Your contributions will never be forgotten and your legacy of countless entertainment that you have provided players from all over the world is worth more than gold.

You will be missed, Knight. Rest in peace old friend.

Napoleonic Wars Public (Community Manager), Minisiege (Admin & Head Admin), EU Commander Battle (Admin) 2014-17
I have never met this man personally. But from what everyone is telling about him, I can tell he was a great friend, a patient mentor, a hardworking member of this community, and a worthy member of the EU_Commander admin team. May he rest in peace.

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