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GretelMapping - Minisiege Specific Stuff
Teleporting doors
The prop used for teleporting doors is spr_door_destructible. The door pairs are specified by changing variation number 1 ("Var No").

[Image: W3hsXuO.png]
For example this prop will teleport you to another door_destructable with the same "Var No", in this case 2.
Edit: Now there are other teleporting door props you can use as well. They are linked the same way.

Grenade spawns
Grenades spawn on the ai_limiter_2m prop.

The type of grenade is defined by "Var No" value:
  • 0 - Molotov

  • 1 - Frag grenade
Healing toilets
The prop mm_restroom and mm_shithouse_button restores health when a player uses it.

Usable props
By default all these props are usable. To make a prop not usable, set its "Var No" to "1".
Props you can sit on:
  • bench_tavern

  • bench_tavern_b

  • carpet_with_pillows_a

  • carpet_with_pillows_b

  • chair_castle_a

  • chair_trestle

  • chair_trunk_a

  • chair_trunk_b

  • chair_trunk_c

  • gothic_stool

  • mm_chair1

  • mm_sofa

  • mm_sofa2

  • pillow_a

  • pillow_b

  • sofa_a

  • sofa_b

  • tavern_chair_a

  • tavern_chair_b

  • mm_bank1
Props you can get drinks from:
  • ewer_a

  • water_well_a

  • well_shaft

  • winery_huge_barrel

  • cauldron_a

  • cup

  • jug

  • tripod_cauldron_a

  • tripod_cauldron_b
Item props you can get drinks from:
  • drinking_cup (Cup)

  • drinking_tea_cup (Tea Cup)

  • drinking_tea_cup_plate (Tea Cup)

  • drinking_bottle (Bottle)

  • drinking_bottle_melee (Bottle)

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