imkegtaLooking for friends
I am looking for friends who will play with me on the NW public server.

It's link to my profile in Steam:
Hi, This forum is dedicated to the Minisiege and EU_Commander servers, along with their general communities. Join our discord if you'd like to become apart of the community:
I and mean the game on your servers.
Hey Imkegta!

Usually it's rare that people go into a voice calls in the NWP Discord when playing Minisiege, I know there's plenty of regiments that play together on Minisiege on their teamspeak, so it could be worth asking about.

I know the folks over at EUC like to go into voice chat every so often when playing on EU commander and they're a friendly bunch, so keep an eye out for them!
Indeed, some people join EUC voice chat when playing. Try to hop in VC if you find them there Tongue

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