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Submit your suggesstions and bug reports for our website under this thread.

List of known bugs:
White themed quotes and code
- Default text size should be slightly larger
- "Awards" Section, when a user has website awards. are displayed above the awards text rather than below
- Awards sort from bottom up, not top down (very minor but annoys me)
1. No indication that a thread is locked/closed (none that I can see, at least)

2. "Please note that new posts in this forum must be approved by a mdoerator before becoming visible." appears when replaying to all threads started by the Community Manager

3. The number of "Views" for some of the threads is 0, although they even have replies. (Example: the "Ban requests?" thread here: It seems to me that "Views" only works for the threads opened by the Community Manager

4. The quoted texts appear with a white background when editing a post, making it impossible to see what is written w/o selecting the text
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]

i just have some screens with informations, maybe you can use it.

1) Logo size - gives more space between top and bottom of the Logo


2) it is the shown numbers of pages (Pagination_background #fff)

Hey DAD,
Thanks for the feedback!
I'm not sure what you mean by 1, but I can definitly fix number 2.
Hey Gretel,

ok i try to explain, but sorry for my bad english. I just wanted to say if you give a little more space to the Logo at the top and bottom. It is only for the design, so i changed the the size and made a screenshot to show the result.

background: url(...) no-repeat 0% 50%;
background-size: 80% 80%;

I always try to use % instead of px, for me it is easier to handle...

is the logo shown in your browser not so big? So i ll understand why you´re thinking:"what da hell is he talking about" ;D

The text is in white with a bright blue green background,horrific and a blinding mess!
My background is like this. Sad

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