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Toby[Rejected] arda
Offenders in-game name: arda
Your GUID / Name in-game (optional):N/A
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY): 06.08.2022 16:13 GMT 
Their Crime: Rambo Cav

Please bare in mind I am only reporting arda who was hussar at the time, the other Calvary was playing fair. Arda was doing the offense for several rounds and hence the people in the clip were complaining. 
Hello Toby,

was wondering about the time that incident happened.

Anyway - saw your clip where player in question ramboed in the first look but to be honest - he has a lot of living bots (unmounted) as you can see later in the clip. I cant see in that situation if one of them was prob alive and died seconds before the charge.
So I would have to see a bit more to make sure that player deserves a hard punishment.
So I serarched through the logs to see something that shows the fasct that he did it more often in the rounds before as you stated.
But: That was the first round for that player in question and he leaved server one round later so there has to be an error or misunderstanding?
So far - as stated - I cant see enough evidence that this player brakes the rule clearly and deserves a permanent ban. Not at that day and not on later days sp far.

So I have to deny that request for now.

If anytime something new occours - feel free to post here.

Thanks and



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