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Professional Pyro[Approved] Marechal_Osorio ban request
Offenders in-game name:  Marechal_Osorio

Your GUID / Name in-game (optional): 449801 / captain

Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY): GMT 12:45 (ish) 07.09.22

Their Crime: I am genuinely sorry for posting yet ANOTHER report in so short a time but this guy was... too brazen to let go.

After losing all of his bots (playing hussars) he stayed mounted on his horse despite multiple requests from me and from others to follow rules and dismount. He alleged that he was not breaking any rules due to staying defensive and protecting his team's infantry. When some minutes later I charged said infantry, he engaged first my unit until it was wiped out and then charged a completely separate infantry unit. (These events are shown in the attached screenshots.) When informed next round that I would be reporting him, he remained unrepentant, maintained that he did not break rules and alleged that he had been playing on the server for ten years and co-wrote the rules.

Evidence: Screenshots of him ramboing attached.
Hello captain,

After viewing your screenshots and reading the logs player in question ramboed on horseback for minutes and didnt even rethink after players explained the rules.

Request approved - player banned.

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the delay.



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