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Coco[Closed] Ban Request Exposing Freya
Offenders in-game name: Freya
Your GUID / Name in-game (optional):1130102 Coco_LifeGuard_Lt
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY):all the time
Their Crime:Cheating admins,hypocrisy, harassment, bypass blocking,using different accounts to bypass permanent blocking.
Evidence:Greetings, admins!I decided to create this exposure here, because for many months no one listened to me in the game chat and did not believe me, except for the only person-Durka_Muhammad_Jihad, for which I am grateful to him.Freya, Zhan and Alovex are the same player, these are his twins for playing on this server and cheating, I don't even know how many of them there are at all.You see, we weren't always at odds with him, at the time when he was Zhan and Alovex for a while, he told me a lot about himself.

1. Do you know many players on the server who would speak 3 languages perfectly-English, Turkish, Russian?Freya communicates on them without difficulty.He is Kazakh by nationality, and the Kazakh language is part of the Turkic language group, so he has no problems with this.He also told that he was in the Turkish regiment, 23.
2.Pay attention to all three accounts on the forum-everywhere the same punishment is HARASMENT.I know you don't understand Russian, but if you did, you would have no doubt that he insults people in the same manner, mentioning parents in a sexual context.In relation to me, he arranged daily harassment, writing every minute in the chat about my dead mother, about his sexual relations with her corpse.This irritated and depressed me for many months, which made me crazy.Now he has become more careful and no longer uses the Cyrillic alphabet, so that he is not associated with previous twins.He writes in English layout but in Russian, so no one understands anything except Russian speakers.
3. As for my ban on his request.He threatened me with a ban for several days if I didn't stop writing in the chat that he was Zhan and Alovex.On the contrary, I said that since no one believes me, I will create a hype around you.I wrote in the Callum chat in front of many witnesses, follow me, I will beat Freya, and you can ban me, as it should be.He followed me, kicked me out once, then temporarily banned me.After that, I did it again intentionally with Freya, because I could no longer tolerate his statements and ridicule and the fact that no one believes me.And I don't care about this lock, I couldn't there being there, it was unbearable, my inner sense of justice tells me that I am innocent.After all, in fact, he should not even be on the server for a very long time, if he was banned forever, he is a deceiver, a ghost, evil in the flesh, and even more so such a person has no right to create requests to ban normal people.
4. He wrote to me at the time when he was Alovex, how he laughs at admins and bypasses bans.In general, he talked a lot about being punished everywhere and on other servers and kicked out of the regiments.He just buys a new game that costs a little more than one euro, gets a new account on the forum and continues to create lawlessness.
5. Can't you take a closer look at this case?Install from which computer it is playing?If this is not possible, then at least listen to the voice of reason and logic, using the information received from me.I'm not doing this for myself, I don't care about my fate on the server, BUT in the name of justice and for the sake of other players who suffered his humiliation.
the administration knows that I am Zhan. I confessed to them myself. Voluntarily. But who is Alovex, I do not know. This is some kind of your friend and you don’t need to attribute it to me. And I got my punishment a long time ago and I haven't played for 2-3 months. And you got what you deserved, Nazi!
That's the trigger.Why are you calling me a Nazi?In my opinion, my country is fighting the Nazis, and you support them, shouting every minute on the server all the Nazis' hateful slogans.Hypocrisy, your nature.

And why not a word about sexual relations with the corpses of close relatives?Which you described with love, every round.Every day, every month, since the moment I had the temerity to tell you that I am an orphan?Tell people.
The truth has being revealed! Kek.
Hi Coco,

We know about Zhan and we have decided to let him play as Freya, but to never unmute him.
Zhan- is permanently banned and muted.
Alovex is permanently banned and muted.
AlovexAMK is permanently banned.

We will continue to keep an eye on him. Thank you for your report.
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