kurayk[Approved] Unban
Your in-game name :  kuray
Your GUID (optional): 2240551
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY): 5th May 2022
Reason for your ban: killing Freya with molly
Write your apology:

i was banned more than 4 months ago, i just really missed the minisiege environment. i am deeply sorry for breaking the rules and really hoping for you letting me come back. I have just read an unban request of Freya and she is totally lying. She is ultimately toxic, distasteful and quarrelsome person.  Because of her bad personality over time against me and the others, i thought she deserved this;  So, 4 months ago i burned her with a molly at a time 2 admins were present and did not say a single word about her wrong behaviors. And still, she got banned after i got banned. 

Anyway; no excuses, what i did was wrong, i am not saying i had the right to kill her, just want to put it objectively.

I also called Bethrezen dumbfuck after i lost my temper, for which i am really sorry.

i only seek for forgivness, want to apologise and hope to get a pardon for one time. i will make sure i am going to break any rule and not going to perfom any action like this again because i do not want to face this type of degrading situations.

and i also wrote a little poetry for you, here;

As I read those words cruel,

I've earned my right to once again drool.
Collapsed, on the floor, lays kuray,
For on Minisiege I will never again see action.

My children gathered round me, and loudly did they weep:
"Why, oh why NakedAssassin, why are you asleep?".
"The pain, the agony, children, it is too much to handle",
And all because of my hateful brother, that scoundrel.

So I ask you once more, oh Great Administrator,
I beg you to forgive me, the humble Nude Infiltrator.
Don't roll my soul into a joint, and do not set it ablaze,
Please return the joy in my pointless, lifeless gaze.

I promise to be good, as you haven't yet remembered,
because my brothers' arms have already been dismembered.
Alas, to be sincere, this wicked brother was I,
a second personality of mine, which needed to die.

If you show mercy, don't fear my actions of tomorrow,
for "Jonah" has been destroyed, by the coma-inducing sorrow.
Oh dreaded, cruel fate, how long will it be,
before I can roam again in custom maps 1,2 and 3?
I hope you're going to keep your word and be nice from now on, so we can all have fun on this dying game.

You're now unbanned. Let me know if you have any issues in joining the server.
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