deldaro9191[Rejected] Unban
Your in-game name (your name at the time of the ban/mute):  Turkish_Lira
Your GUID (optional): 980012
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY): 4 month ago
Reason for your ban: i dont remember , only admin name was anakin or yarrakin or anasi sikik ??
Write your apology:no need for apology ?
Hi Turkish Lira,

If you think 8 slays and 1 temporary ban before the permanent ban (a total of 10 rule breaking instances) means you did nothing wrong and there's no need to apologize, then there's also no need from our part to unban you. You may post another unban request in 3 months.
[Image: MZDXOYq.png]
I don't remember 8 slay times, I just remember the temporary ban, Saturn did it. I talked to Saturn then it was closed.For 8 slays who should i apologize to ? Yarrakin from ?
Is there no answer? Hey gypsy romanian admin you must unban me . I sometimes throw food to gypsy romans who live in Türkiye. If you dont remove ban , i will continue another serial keys , actually i play in server just want to play my nickname as Turkish_Lira.
Gypsy indo romanian im waiting you for removing ban
Satürn bitch!! at least you hear me.
Hello you've reached Napoleonic Wars Public customer support. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and as such there will be a delay on our services. Sorry for any inconvenience, please have a good day Sir/Madam.
Hello Krembit!!

There is a proverb in Turkish: Fuck the pastor of the church who is no use to me.

at least you hear meSmile

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