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GretelServer Rules
  • Racism & Extremism, or discrimination of any kind. 

  • Harassing other players or regiments.

  • Spamming recruitment messages and recruiting without tags. This includes personal recruitment messages to a specific individual (Such as repeating someones name over and over until they reply, to ultimately ask them to join your regiment). Only 1 per round per regiment - Whilst you are using your regimental tags!

  • Advertising other servers.

  • Impersonating admins or wearing regimental tags without being in that regiment; game admins joining with a false name is included.

  • Intentionally team killing and hitting, trolling including with Molotov's, and destroying friendly sapper works.

  • Wasting build points. 

  • Stealing cannons: The first one to load a cannon owns it until his death. Furthermore, sharing is optional. If you were first to the cannon and it alone to come back shortly, it is not yours anymore.

  • Glitching of sapper works to prevent entry to ANY area of ANY fort, or ramps that allow the player to go through the floor.

  • Employing the use of exploits or hacks to better yourself over other players. E.g. Aim Hacks, auto blocks and exploiting a script for your own gains. 

  • Plank spamming  - This means stacking them in a doorway on top of each other. However, you may place them side by side forming a platform towards the enemy, as long as they are not stacked ontop of each other.

  • Blocking by any means to hinder your own team, this can include using a flag to block the view of your team (E.g. Waving it in-front of a cannon), using an arty train to clog the entrance or building sapper constructions to block your team. 
  • Spamming map polls. For example, after a map has been rejected, polling it again. The current rule is that if a map poll has been rejected, that map cannot be polled again until the current map has changed to a new one. This changes if the server is above 120 players, then the current map and 1 more must pass before a poll for the rejected map can be done again.

  • Recruiting, 1 message per round per regiment. 

  • All languages.

  • Shit building: you can build anything as long as it serves the team, if an admin decides it doesn't help the team its because it doesn't so do not argue back.

  • Political discussions (As long as it doesn't derail into a racist / extremist discussion).
Common sense applies to all of the above. If you are hindering a players gameplay, then you are likely to be punished for doing so. It is down to admin discretion upon how they wish to enforce these rules,within our Admin Guidelines provided to them upon receiving their admin. If you feel you have been punished wrongly, please post an unban request OR a complaint in the appropriate forum here. 

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