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shootballs[Rejected] Timeout/Ban Tsar_Ivanovich ( Semi regular )
Offenders in-game name: Tsar_Ivanovich   ( Im pretty sure if you dig in, you'll find more on him )
Your GUID / Name in-game (optional):901360/Shootballs
Date and hour of your ban/mute  - (12/10/21)
Their Crime: LoneCav - Aware of rules
Evidence: attached files

Apologies if my list came out of sudden, I tend to just collect them before I submit. 
Makes things easier for me.

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Hello shootballs,

case is under review.
Hello shootballs,

after viewing case and checking punishments we come to the following decision:
Player has no former punishments - he has to know the rules for sure but for the "one time error" we will not permaban him.

So we will leave that thread opened. If anything new occours - it can be posted in here.

Thanks again for your effort.


cheers, open tabs are good to have
Since no further incidents have occured this thread will be closed as solved.

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