MaskBlack Knight's Memorial Gathering
Hello everyone,

my colleagues and i want to organize an remembering gathering on the 26th of November this week on a Friday evening at 20:30 CET.

The reason of that day is that our former Head Admin Black Knight (Bojan) that has passed away on the 27th of November 2020 we want to remember him this way as it was a great aspect from him to play some EU Commander battle.

It will include Commander Battle gameplay with us were we can share and talk our thoughts of BK and with some competitive gameplay i'll recon it will be a night to remember.

If you are able to attend then please click on the thumbs up icon down of the description on ourĀ  Discord group if you can make it on a Friday evening on the 26th at 20:30 CET.

There is no hard feelings if you cannot make it.

On the day itself it will be publicly announced on Discord as everyone is welcome on the remembering gathering were we all meet up in one of the EUC voice channels.

NWP Discord group:

See you all this Friday!


EUC Admin Team

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