toorx0[Rejected] PrudlioBG Ban Request
Offenders in-game name:  PrudlioBG
Your GUID / Name in-game (optional): [150th]_tt
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY): the first hours of February 8 at night
Their Crime: lone cav ramboing
Evidence: logs.

He denied to dismount when he had been warned
Hello tt,

this case in under review.

After seen the situation in the logs its clear that the player in question denied to dismount after beeing last cav.
But he died fast and with not much damage done and since he has no former punishments and no warnings (only in that situation)
we will not ban him yet.
But admin team is informed to keep an eye on that player and the thread will stay opened for a while.


Since no further incidents have occured this thread will be closed as solved.

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