Floki[Approved] Unmute request
Your in-game name (your name at the time of the ban/mute):  [60thRR]_Rct_Ripper
Your GUID (optional):
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY):  GMT, 17/04/2022
Reason for your ban/mute.: I said sieg heil
Write your apology:
First up i want to way, i only said sieg heil and they muted me perma for it while the other people also kept going with it but they didnt get muted but i do want to say i'm sorry with this while i won't do it again but if it just me who got muted for it then its kinda meh but a apology is a apology but i do apologize for this anyways, ill try to be on my best behavior when i get unmuted and ill try to stay calm and try not to fight the admin with it for their decision *Even tho it was unreasonable and just one statement i said* but yeah i will not do it again even tho some people in this server does the same shit that i did so i find it unreasonable for my mute even tho i said one statement

PS i am not good at writing apology letters or good at typing with this sort of stuff so i apologize if it wasn't good enough.
Firstly, it would be helpful, if you would have stated the name that you used at the time you were muted and that was [BBG]Katak_Ace.

If we take a look in the logs, we see this:

15:21:41 - [[BBG]Katak_Ace] Hail hitler
15:23:19 - [[BBG]Katak_Ace] SIEG HEIL
15:23:32 - *Admin*[1LwH_Sista_Cat_Girl]: Stop the Extremism in the chat
15:23:43 - [[BBG]Katak_Ace] We aint doing extremism
15:24:04 - [[BBG]Katak_Ace] Sieg heil guys, hail the victory
15:24:30 - [SERVER]: 1LwH_Sista_Cat_Girl permanently muted [BBG]Katak_Ace

So you didn't just do it once, but multiple times even after being warned. Previously, you were banned 2 times temporarily. So in conclusion it was not a one time thing and your apology isn't conving.
Sieg heil isn't even that bad bruh and plus you guys legit had a guy named adolf hitler, i legit played this server for a long while so i don't understand what you trying to do here because from what i have seen, it's not just me with does this type of stuff, there are people in the server who legit trash talk eachother and other stuff but multple fuck up of sieg heil etc gets a mute but if you fight someone or tell the truth to them and they lie about the shit and whatever not else has happend in the server that doesn't get a mute or a temp ban or people who legit more disgusting than me and talking about incest etc in the server they don't get a mute or a temp ban or whatever? so i don't see a point in this because what i did wasn't even half bad to what the others do my man, i also told you i'm not good at writting apologies so why does that matter? i did the apology but i cannot write it good because i'm dyslexic as fuck. But if others do the shit i do, they don't even get a mute or temp band or whatever they just let them do whatever and plus me and cat aren't even on good terms with the past but sure i fucked up but other people do the same but different ways and way more fucked up but you see them muted or banned? cause i haven't. i only got muted by her because of it because we aren't on good terms but when she is online and others do it she let it off the hook lmaoo same with the other admins almost so i don't see a point in this anymore man, this is legit my favorite server but at this point i don't even wanna play it anymore because of what others do aswell but i get the hook for it so? why am i even trying with this dude.. no hate towards you man but fuck i cannot do this anymore because of it... i'm just done you know because there are mutlple people in the server who also does it but i am the only one who get the perma mute, just how about keep me perma muted instead but then you should also perma mute the other people who do this type of stuff... including older members and newer
I do have a different view on apologies compared to you. It might be better to actually apologize for what one has done instead of saying that it wasn't that bad and comparing with others.

But it was your first mute, so you will gain a second chance. Don't waste it, so better familarise yourself with the rules located here: https://nwpublic.eu/thread-48.html
To get unmuted bump this thread at the 8th May.
Question, what does bump mean?
just post a message to this thread on the 8th of may
Okay.. its the 8th so can i please be unmuted, i promise i won't fck up again and ill follow the rules and again sorry..
You have been unmuted.

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