Tzeentch[Approved] Unban
Your in-game name (your name at the time of the ban/mute): Allahu_Snackbar
Your GUID (optional):idk what it is?
Date and hour of your ban/mute (UTC/GMT) - (DD/MM/YY):16 or 17 not sure/02/2023
Reason for your ban:not sure mabybe team hitting or arty blocking or open the gate as a defender
Write your apology:i'm sorry for being such a je**. I realize that what i have done, it makes the other people get annoying and not enjoy with this game and server as it should have been pls accept my apology i will stop being such a je** and i will not do anything which trolls the others i promise
Hello Allahu_Snackbar,

you have accumulated on this server 6 slays, 2 kicks and 2 temporary bans until you get permanently banned for opening the gates as a defender, but there were also other violations against the server rules. Therefore I would suggest you read the server rules, located here:, carefully the next two weeks. Additionally, I would advice you to consider if you would really like if other people would write stuff like this about your ethnicity and how this is considered in the server rules:

19:58:40 - *DEAD* [Allahu_Snackbar] i hate niggas
19:58:47 - *DEAD* [Allahu_Snackbar] i wanna keep them as my pets
20:01:19 - [Allahu_Snackbar] ืรเเniggas=slaves
20:01:32 - [Allahu_Snackbar] niggas and chinese=slaves
20:01:42 - [Allahu_Snackbar] muslim=first class people

At the end of this process, you can bump this thread at the 12th of march to get unbanned. Keep your learnings in your mind then, because the next ban would happen much sooner if you continue to troll
ok thx so much
Am i allowed to play?
Sorry for the delay, you should now be able to join the server. Please let us know if you have any issues, and stay away from trouble.
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