freya_nw[Rejected] Unban
Hello Freya, 
Due to the bans and mutes you have accumulated on the server in the past, you will not be given another chance. 
Consider yourself lucky that you are still able to play.

I meant that they did not tell me the reason. I tried to find out exactly who I offended and apologize. But the administrator Satan did not tell me the name of the person whom I insulted and how I insulted him. I meant this, that I do not know the exact reason for the punishment and whom I offended. It would be easier for me to apologize to this person if I knew who I offended and how. Probably you misunderstood me. There was no open complaint against me, I just don't know what I violated. But I know I'm not perfect, so I apologize. But I never insult nation, family, religion etc. And even if i insult someone, then only in response. Maybe it was my mistake, for which I apologize.

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